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You Move Me

I don’t know where too, but I guess any movement is better than being stagnant, that’s how you attract mosquitoes.

Yes I’m using commas again.  I found they have more of a purpose than I was giving them credit for.  And yes I am typing barefoot, since June I have realized that my whole body shouldn’t be deprived of air.  Yes I am a writer and yes I am good at what I do.  Yes I write bad things but if I didn’t I would never feel bad about what I do.  And yes every person in the arts should feel bad about their work sometimes.  If we never do we would never challenge ourselves or move on to the next project or question anything and work to make something worth making. And yes I still leap randomly to subject to subject.  We would call that stream of consciousness for those who are academic.

Last week I heard Nikki Giovanni say “You need people around you who are going to tell you how good you are and give you positive feedback.  Those who don’t fuck em.  You don’t need them in your life.  You don’t need those who aren’t going to be supportive of what you do.”  I mean life is a poem really.  I feel so engulfed in this craziness that has no explanation or rationale really.  I had someone ask me why do I write and I could only say “because that’s what I’m supposed to do.”  That makes no sense and I know that.  That has no rationale and I know that.  But honestly if you’re drawn to something whether that is whether crunching numbers, talking to people, paint, animals, do that shit.  Don’t do shit “just because.”  Unless it’s a in between “just because.”  And no I’m not established.  I’m what is called an “emerging voice.”  So my viewpoint on this might be taken as “eh whatever nigga you don’t have much to show for it.”  But I think it’s exactly that which makes me valid.  I choose to do what God has meant for me to do, and I make a live doing it.  And I know so many wonderful people doing it.  And I don’t gripe about it.

I had a full time job and quit.  I had opportunities for promotions and inside info to move up where I work now.  But honestly that’s not what I want.  I want to poems and go to muthafuckas and talk about poems and sit in class rooms and talk about poems.  I’d like to be pimped by the poem.  If poetry could be a pimp, I’d try my hardest to be it’s bottom bitch.

But again I leap…Like Phil Collins who can feel it or like Sam Cooke says about change coming.  I’m thoroughly convinced this year is the year for things to happen.  Good things.  Not just for me but good good things.  I’m tapped into that energy.  Already Lamar has gotten his book picked up link here…

L. Lamar Wilson Wins Carolina Wren Press Award 2012

Roger has gotten his book picked up, link here…

Roger Reeves Poetry

Laura Yes Yes had some good news about Warren Wilson, no link to share  😦

There’s more but I’m bound to my secretly…(actually I don’t know if I’m suppose to spill the beans on Laura yet or not, but that’s what I do.  I steal thunder).

And it’s only the beginning of March son.  Only this.

Sultry Funk That’s the Type of Funk I Waaaaant

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