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I’ve been gone for a while and feel like I should write an explanation.  How’s this…”Sometimes I always say yes.”

I have a dvd on my table that says “Stay.”  I know the dvd doesn’t really say “Stay.” But what if I wrote.  I have a dvd on my table that read “Stay.” That makes even less sense really.  I’m reading it when the laser in my player isn’t.

Here’s a list of words I can hear differently but not say differently:



Did I break a rule by using a colon and only writing two things.  Do I care.  Ask me.  Say I won’t.

I remember hearing that after we die our hair and fingernails still grow.  I remember hearing that a frog loses it’s memory after it blinks.  I remember hearing a cricket won’t burn in a fire.  I remember someone saying to their students “If someone corrects you by saying you should use ‘whom’ instead of ‘who’ they’re only trying to prove they’re smarter than you are.  When really they haven’t proved anything except for they’re an elitest shit pot.”  I always tell my students never to use “whom” or semicolons.  I tell myself I have to capitalize and to avoid commas…yes we’re still doing that.

“You won’t”

I had a lot of fun from the time I met my brother E when I was 14 until I was around 22.  I missed out on doing stupid things though.  I only did irrational mischievous.  If I could go back I’d do dumb things.

I talk with the fellas sometimes and we mention how if we knew in high school what we know 10 years removed we would have been hos.  The best we can do now is objectify women.

I like Halloween because of the fun costumes.  Honestly it’s not because of the skin.  One year I saw 8 people dress up like the entire cast of Clue.  One year I saw a guy dress up like the Michelin Man and had to have his friend help him walk to the bars.

I was walking through DePaul once and this black girl (walking towards me with a friend) stopped her conversation to say hello to me (then went back to her conversation).  That was one of the most genuine moments I can remember.  I often have people speak to me though.  This gang member spoke to me in Dunkin Donuts about getting jumped.  Then wished me a good day and called me “sir.”

I’ve been a writer ever since I was 10.  Probably before I was 10.  Didn’t admit to it til I was 20.  Didn’t admit to being a poet til I was 24.

I told this girl I was a writer once and she said she thought that meant a fancy way of saying I was unemployed.  I haven’t shaved in 4 months.  But this was before.  This was when I stared at my facebook screen for hours.

Did you find this blog through facebook or do you know me.  Do you really know me though.  Do you know how to open the door on the Dodge Daytona.  That I have nosebleeds often.  Screw-to-the-Lou. Or how I feel about certain midwestern cities?

A man told me recently he knew me and I didn’t know him.  He told me not to worry about how he knew me.  Guess it doesn’t matter.  I do like laughing. And bears.


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