And I Like It

22 Aug

First thing I thought of to write was a line from an OutKast song.  I’m going to hold back that impulse for now.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned I opened up a fortune cookie and the Chinese word on the back was “Orange.”  Poetry is Orange right?  Wonder what part is red and which part is yellow.  Then again “O” is in Roy G Biv.  Everything Depends Upon the Red Wheelbarrow.

I’ve seen more Michigan license plates recently than I have in a while.  Maybe I’ve been looking for them.  Kind of how you buy a new car and then notice it on the road a lot.  I haven’t bought Michigan though.  Looks like your hand.  Put your hand up to a map.  It looks like your hand.

The way it looks on the page.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Own a Handgun

  • Easier to grip than a shotgun and remember I think like Hemmingway
  • My aim is terrible and I’ve failed at enough already.
Shall we visit this again…left or right…
courtesy of Amara Betty Martin (tampered with by the HNIC)
Another reason why black bears roll down hills is because she likes it.  Or as she said it “and because I like it.”
I know where Carmen SanDiego is.  She’s with Waldo.  Sitting in Jimmy Hoffa’s convertible.  Talking about how they miss hugs.
Miss as in I Miss U.  Not as in Miss. Daisy.
Not really sure if I write because I like it or because my heart is too far to the right. Ever notice there’s no pulse on my left side?  Ever notice how I’m always warm?  And I wash my hands a lot?
There’s a type of poem that’s written in letter form to someone or something.  I heard someone read a series of them to their dog once.  Saw someone write about war cards.  Saw someone get chased with metal tee ball bats.
That really has nothing to do with poetry.  Sorry for getting off track.  I tend to do that sometimes.
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