Because They Like It

17 Aug

A poet friend of mine was told some awards he’ll never win because he doesn’t write about blackness subtlely.  Guess I didn’t make to much to show the madam at the last brothel because I wasn’t subtle enough.

Just like how people will compliment me on my writing when I read it.  Just won’t print it.  This sounds familiar no?

This is for the hamster in the bag

Skip to 1994 when my 4th grade teacher gave me a certificate for creative writing.

Skip to 2009 when an institution gave me a certificate in creative writing.

Read a poem recently where someone says a cricket won’t burn if thrown into a fire.

Skip to 1999. I know mice do.  And they’ll make two laps around in a firepit before they give in to teenagers laughter.

Have you know there was one whole paragraph to start this blog.  But I deleted it.  And decided to be subtle.

Picture…left of right?

courtesy of Amara Betty Martin

Is it crazy that I’m think of book cover and the manuscript hasn’t been rejected yet?  I need at least 7-8 rejections before I can think seriously that it may happen.

Mice will chew off their paws if trapped to get away and survive.

This is for flying.  I have a passport with no stamps in it.  But I use it often.

I get sick of writing.  And sick of list poems.  And writing list poems.  I’ve already said this.  Just making sure it’s not forgotten

For you Susan Slavoagfoaidgago.  “That was an awful poem”

For you Shay Shay.  “Whipalicous”

Coming soon… “15 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Own a Shotgun”  

1)  Sometimes I think like Hemingway

2)  I have no aim.  And I failed at enough already

I didn’t forget about the black bears.  They tuck their front paws to their back paws and roll forwards down hills.

Just because.  Just because they like it.

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