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Life and Niggery

Now don’t get me wrong I love my people, but sometimes I just gotta shake my head and go “niggas.”  I’m quite sure every black person reading this knows what I’m talking about and if you don’t the video below should help shed some light on what I mean.  It’s kind of similar to the “this nigga here” moments.  Though most of the time the “this nigga here” moment responds to some dumb shit that may be happening.  Like the guy or gal you see trying to conceal some shit and smuggle it out of a store, then you have to leave that area before you get implemented by way of skin color association and have to pull out the old “I don’t know that nigga.”  There is also the “white people” moments, those are when white folks just do some dumb shit that makes no sense to them you or anybody else.  Spray on tanning would be a good example of this.  In any case I posted a head shake “niggas” moment below, not a “this nigga here” moment but close.  I think I’ll feature videos of niggery on this on this blog on occasion, because damn, my people fo real  😉

As for poetics, I finished my ekphrastic poems and sent them to Jenny.  They’re going to be apart of an art gallery in Pilsen.  I had never heard of this event and guess I have incentive to go now.  Free and free parking, I’m all about that mos def.  I’ve come to notice that a lot of my most recent work are in a sense list poems.  Again something I don’t want to do, but it’s been happening.  I’ll just go with it I suppose, not happy about it but whatever, I’ll just take it to be a transition into something else. I’m just going with the flow, not really fighting or going against the grain with anything. I’ve gotten into the mindset that things have been happening to me for some sort of reason whether I know what those reasons are or not right now.  The last couple years most things that have happened to me have kind of been by happenstance.  Finding my apartment, jobs, roles as movie extras, girlfriend (or lady friend as colleagues at Truman know me to say ;-)), random CTA passes in the street, bluetooth earpiece (again in the street), probably some other things, but those stand out to me as I write.  I can honestly say that none of the above in the script when I first moved to Chicago in 2007.  Hell even in 2009 for that matter.  I was all about finishing grad school and peacing (I have no idea how to make “peace” a gerund) the hell out.  But her I be.  I can tell right now I’m going to be that old man that tells stories about how life sent him in the most unexpected directions.

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The OH-The Chi

Even though I want to make a post complaining about the present state of pro wrestling, I’ll save that one for a day when I’m out of things to say, because I’m quite sure it’ll still be crappy.

In any case I spent the last couple days pimpin in the OH and returned to the Chi yesterday afternoon.  The OH was cool, saw some of my folks from the grocery store I worked at (and kind of still do depending on the season), saw The Hangover 2 (wait for a good bootleg, just kind of eh), saw some pistols, Rick Rolling, found out how to get the water out of my car door and mostly just layed around and watch HGTV, MSNBC and History Channel.  I also got to thinking how many people have been jumping off bridges this spring because its been raining for like 40 days and night on some Book of Exodus type joint.  It rained the whole way home, through 3 states fuckin rain, and it rained all night and the next day and the next night.  I mean damn, if my SADS kicked in full gear, off the Valley View I go.

I did some work as an extra on the set of Nightmare on Elm Street and Little Fockers and they called me to to be an extra on the set of a tv show called Boss.  Guess it’s some new joint staring Kelsey Grammar and that’s where I was today.  This episode was being directed by Mario Van Pepples, now nothing against the brotha, but his films, meh (ie, Solo), but overall he was a really cool dude.  I think the sun has made people less crabby and smile, see what difference a couple days of sunlight brings  🙂

As for poetry…………………………………………………………………….

Naw, really it’s been a little on the upside.  Cave sent me an email and said there was an opening for the retreat this summer, because I was on a wait list thanks to the Chicago USPS.  I also went to this cafe last week and started a new poem and today I finished one of my ekphrastic poems for this art gallery in Pilsen.  I have never written an ekphrastic poem before and I think part of writing is always challenging yourself to do something different.  I remember I was working on this project of writing a chapbook on all the differences of the word “bust.”  I wrote maybe five poems and was telling a poet friend of mine and he said “good now you need to do something else,” I asked him why and he said “because you’ve done that now.”  Now even though I didn’t finish chapbook, I completely understood where he was coming from, I have already written “bust” poems and it was more of a personal project rather than for a publisher, and since I did it multiple times, I needed a new project.  I’m sick of writing personal narrative poems and don’t want to write “love” poems.  Even though I don’t intend or think they’re love poems other people do, I think I’ve gotten that out of my system now, but I don’t know where I was being guided, 😕

The ekphrasic is good though I think it may force me into something new.  Just need to quite being a bum and send out to more journals.  I got all my rejections so time to send out a new batch.  I’ve been in such a slump though another rejection might make me want to switch careers and start that career as a cock model for sex toys and box covers (yes someone did tell me that before).

On the random, here’s something I found funny  🙂

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