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So I decided to name my blog after my first book (if and when that ever happens).  At the moment I’ll be honest and say there is no scripted plan for what I’ll write about.  Mostly I’ll probably be bitching about something and more than likely it will probably be something having to do with pro wrestling. My spelling is awful, kind of ironic me being a person who studies and teaches English, but whatever…

I’ve been told many times before I should start a blog so I’m giving it a try.  I also hope this sparks some creative interest in me, because recently poetry hasn’t been my friend.  I try to write, but blah.  I do write and blah.  So we’re going to try and unblah a little bit.

I’ve thought about switching careers recently but have no idea what to.  I’m not a person for the corporate world, had a taste of that before and I’m not one to eat crow or deal with politics.  I can’t do shit in the sciences so that counts out anything math related or biological.  As much as I try to reduce my consumption and recycle unless I did grunt work there’s no help I could be in that field at all.  Can’t draw so anything in the visual arts is out.  This includes anything visual at all, such things as cutting hair, home decors and photography.  So that narrows it down to me owning a coffee shop or video game store and I’m quite sure GameStop would swallow my business up.  So unless something else comes to mind, I’m going to stick with the poetry thing for a bit longer.  Maybe I’m just in a slump or maybe it’s all these damn clouds and damn rain day in and day out.

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